Validation of Social CRM

Today Salesforce bought Radian6 at $317-340million. This is a great validation of Social CRM. With the advent of Social Web, the consumers are all over the social media sites. They discuss many things about companies, their products or experiences with using or dealing with companies. They no more call the busiesses’ call centers to express their experiences about the products or company. ┬áso there is a dire need for companies to engage customers there and then itself where the consumers hang around. That could be Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media. ┬áThis engagement is very important for better customer service. Call it Social Customer Service.There is also a huge opportunity to analysis what is being talked about the company, its products or services. Whenever there is any new launch or a news, reaction to it can be very well measured on the social media sites. So Social analytics is important. That can also be useful further no target consumers in terms of advertisements or offers. Thats where Social Marketing comes into picture. No wonder Gartner noted Social Computing is entering into Gartner’s famous ‘hype cycle