Blog on Intense Patent War in Mobile and Now in Social Media

Here is my blog on the intense patent war: This week Yahoo sued Facebook for violating 10 very foundational patents for social media / online ads.

Last week, a mobile patents proxy of Microsoft sued Apple for patent infringment

Apple and Samsung have patents suits against each other.

Oracle is after google for Java patent violations in Google.

Microsoft is getting paid of about $5 per Android Mobile device sold by HTC

and the list goes on and on…

Patents are becoming core to business strategy for defense, attack as well as to make money.

Thats why, Google bought Motorola Mobility, Microsoft + Apple consoritum bough Novell patents to arm them up..




Now, Microsoft Wins Patent Against Motorola Mobility (Acquired by Google)

Close to the hills of Apple’s patent win againsts HTC (Android) ( about which I blogged yesterday), now Microsoft scored a patent victory against Motorola Mobility which is now part of Google.   As per ITC Judge’s ruling  , Motorola violates four claims in patent number 6,370,566 related to meeting requests and group scheduling. In such event, one has to either backout products violating the patents or pay technology license fees. Microsoft does enter into such agreements however it is interesting to see what would Google do. May be work around the solution?


Patents Ruling Mobile War

Apple got a victory today in a patent court over HTC. Its about tapping a phone number in an email or any content (e.g. web page may have a contact number of a vendor) to call or add in contact number. From HTC it is a small UI fix. However, removing such feature would pose an usability issue to HTC and indirectly to Android. 

Here is the ruling:

It seems that Apple has many such patents which when pressed against Android can create a competitive barrier. 

This year has been interesting from patents point of view. Apple and Microsoft ganged up to by Nortells patent portfolio at billions. Then, the corneded Google bought Motorolla mobility especially for the patents. On other wise, there is a patent war going between Samsung and Apple of Samsung Galaxy.

Costly Patent War Heating Up

Google announced today that it is buying Motorola Mobility at 12.5 billion with  60% premium. At prima facie, this move may seem like Google’s entry into mobile hardware devices to challenge Apple. However, Google never positioned itself in hardware or devices moreover. So, if Google is serious about entering into making mobiles, it would be in a direct competition with vendors like Samsung, LG, HTC who are manufacturing mobile devices on Google’s Android platform. This would negatively impact the partnership. As per Google, since Android is open-source, this move by Google should not cause any worry to the mobile devices manufacturers. Of course, this comment would not reduce the worried of the devices manufacturers. so, would Google really enter into the mobile device manufacturing? What is the rational for paying such a huge amount for buying ailing Motorola Mobility? Is there any other reason behind this? May be there can be another motive of this buy. For that, we need to see what was happening in last few weeks.

Recently Apple and Microsoft bought 6000 patents portfolio of Novell. Google was bidding for the same but lost the bid. A consortium led by Apple and Microsoft paid 4.5 billion for the patent portfolio. Immediately Google complained that Apple and Microsoft are ganging up to choke Google’s Android platform.

On this background, it is important to note that recent buy would give Google an access to Motorola Mobility’s 17,000 patetns and 7500 patent applications . May be it is the patent war that compelled Google to throw $12.5 b for Motoroloa Mobility.  Or is it Google going to be serious to take on Apple in its mobile devices turf?