Oracle Goes in Cloud

After the initial critical comments, Larry Ellison embraced Cloud with announcement of Oracle Public cloud as a direct hit on Amazon, and Salesforce . The Oracle Cloud will have PaaS, SaaS and DaaS. For more details, read me other blog


GITPRO’s tech talk on Cloud Computing

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Yesterday was a beautiful day for spending a weekend with family and play outside. And there were many programs in Indian community in the bay area. There was a concert of Sanjeev Abhyankar arranged by Swarasudha. However, many Indian techies sacrificed all that to attend GITPRO’s session on Cloud Computing. The attendance would have been huge if there was not another free event with free food- free fun and many speakers at Microsoft on the same topic. However, the GITPRO tech talk was more successful due to two prominent and speakers: Anant Jhingran CTO-VP of Managing IS and Co-chair of IBM Cloud Computing Initiatives and Sheng Liang, CEO of

Anant helped the enthusiastic audience to walk through the concepts and value propositions of Cloud Computing covering various types of cloud computings including IAS, PAAS, SAAS as well as Public-Private-Hybrid cloud. He focussed on the impacts of these types of Cloud on large enterprises where number of apps vary from 2000 to 10,000 where CIOs and IT departments would need to carefully analyse which type is suitable for which app. He also covered the stack with great clarity. While covering basic intiatives in Cloud, he emphasised on Standardizations at various levels. At the end, He gave many  suggestions to help profesionals and businesses to appropriately leverage cloud and navigate through the cloud. Anant regularly blogs his thoughts on this and other topics at

Sheng focussed more of opensources in Cloud Computing along with market leading propritery players. Starting from networking opensources like HAProxy for load balancing,  Open FLow for core switching, Vyatta for Firewalling, Zen for Hypervisor, CloudStack-OpenStack Nova-and-Ecalyptus for IaaS, Rightscale, Enatraus, Tivoli (commercial and not open source since there are less open sources for Cloud management) for Cloud Management. He then outlines Microsoft Azure, GAE for PaaS.  BTW Sheng covered Cloud Opensource and Asia in an interview.


May be we would be able to host the presentation on GITPRO site later.