Hadoop Affiliations and Partnership Are Coming Up

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Its truely an erra of collaboration. There is no time to build products. Either acquire or partner. Thats the way to quickly get in market. Likewise, EMC is moving very very fast on getting on Hadoop train. A couple of months back it affiliated with Cloudera. However, a couple of weeks back, it made other announcements in EMCWorld. Now, it has entered into licensing agreement with MapR. It seems that MapR would be powering EMC’s Hadoop efforts. Here is what MapR stack looks like.

It seems that Hadoop is bringing many folks to come together to quickly team up to build ecosystem. Yesterday Cloudera, leader in Hadoop products and services, yesterday partnered with RainStor. (http://www.marketwire.com/press-release/rainstor-delivers-big-data-retention-on-clouderas-distribution-including-apache-hadoop-1518189.htm)  RainStor claims compression resulting in 97% percentage smaller physical footprint. The RainStor is in Data Retention and would provide  access massive data sets on the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) .

Here is Cloudera’s stack which includes :

anyway, coming back to the momemtum. It seems that many such partnerships coming up. and many may come by the time we meet at Hadoop Summit orgainzed by mainly Yahoo next month. By then, I hope Yahoo would work out details on spinning off Hadoop before it is too late 🙂


Hadoop on fire !

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Last week I covered few product launches that were declared during the EMCWorld. This week there are news about fundings and acquisitions related to startups leveraging Hadoop.

Today TechCrunch covered $9million funding by Kliner Perkins to Datameer which offers Hadoop based Analytics platform. Batch processing like Analytics is one of the main use case of Hadoop which offers a great horizontal scalability and parallelism for such processing over commodity hardware. Key thing is that Datameer offers easy to use spreasheet interface to deal with the data so that any business person can deal with it without any coding. Datameers seems to be having a good team in place. A product head of Hadoop group in Yahoo and developer of Kata, luncen based distributed indexer based on Hadopp, are the co-founders of Datameer.

Off late there has been a lot of stories around Hadoop based companies. For example, Gigaom covered Opera Solutions which is a 100 million dollars company in analytics and uses Hadoop stack as a foundation. A nice quote from its CEO Arnab Gupta: Opera is built to “mine the signal versus mine the data [itself].

While seeing on the momentum on Hadoop, I missed to see Redhat adding Hadoop in its OpenShift, PaaS, which has included MongoDB. However, since the Hadoop’s strength is in scaling, it would be difficult to offer cloud based PaaS that would let apps to scale-out massively. May be not now, but those who has huge storage strength or datacenters would sooner or later offer it. Atleast we are seeing SaaS based on Hadoop platform covering Big Data analytics based services.

Anyway, Another couple of announcements: EMC Data award listed Apache Hadoop while NOrth Ventures added Cloudera, opensource providing training , consultancy and solutions on Hadoop, in one among top 10 open source companies to watch.