Applications Of Google Wave

Google Wave (large screen shot) seems to be larger than just describing  as “Communication and Colloaboration”. An article in CIO namely, A New Kind of Mega-Application,  nicely covers it.  According to the author, it has flavours of Facebook News Feeds, Twitter, instance messaging etc. To quote directly, “Wave seems to embrace this streaming interface by using e-mail and messaging as a starting point. In one fluid view, a Wave homepage includes short messages (think: Twitter), communication with large groups (think: Facebook) and basic collaboration tools to engage with the content (think: instant messaging and e-mail).”

However, not everybody agree that this runtime integration of comunications like email, messaging and document sharing would fly immediately.  For example, while agreeing that wave is a neat idea, an author in BusinessInsider says, “Google Tries To Rewrite Email, Won’t Happen Soon” .  As per author, a support from other vendors of email, instance messaging, social networking needs to adopt this to make it more wider and meaningful.

Since Google Wave is open source and it provides extensibility apis, many business opportunity would come up. Innovators may come up with nw collab tools for enterprise market, hosting providers may comeup with Wave hosting, and there could be extensions to existing apps like FaceBook app or etc. A blogger,  Gabor Scelle, nicely presented his thoughts around the business opportunities around Google Wave.

From some established corners, there is a guarded welcome. Cisco says that Wave completes Cisco approach on Unified Communication! Wave validates their vision! It would be interesting to see how Facebook(Social Nw/ Feeds), Twitter(Microblog broadcast) or Microsoft (Outlook), IBM(Lotus Collab Suites etc)/Oracle (Webcenter)responds.