Its Profile Page that Facebook should worry about Not Just One-up Button

Google yesterday unveiled One-Up (+1) button on search results to indicate your liking of the result. It’s opens up a lot for Google.

1. Google can now improve the search results based on what users like. This can improve google’s aging ranking algorithm and would directly take on new entrants like Blekko who would like to provide user assisted search.

2. Google would now profile users’ liking to understand more about the user . And very soon, you may see that Google improve targeted marketing based on the users behaviour.

3. The most importantly, Google has just now threatened Facebook. Think about it. Once the usage of Profile page increases, Google would start unveiling features that would interate with videos, pictures and its emails. Slowly the Google profile would become a new Facebook. So, IMO, its the Profile Page that Facebook should worry about and not just the One-Up button.


Google Finally Added Social Search via +1 (aka Like)

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Finally Google launched a way to tag search results consumer liked. Its with +1 counter. The Liked result would be shared in the consumers social circle as well as potentially be used for public. This way, google added social concepts in its own search. Till now the concept of social search was understood as searching the social media sites for what your friend might have expressed or liked. Now, you or your friend can share the liking on the search results itself. The “liked” results would appear on consumers profile page which can be created in This may look like simple but do not take it lightly over a period of time Google may expand the usage of profile page. It may add images, videos, chat, etc etc. and that would be an attack on Facebook. BTW this profile page is similar to what we have Users Profile page in myBantu. Though Google did not say how the likes would impact the search results, just like what I do in mybantu, I am sure Google would rank the liked results higher. And it would also target Blekko ‘s attempt of User’s friends assisted search, just little bit differently!