Blog on Intense Patent War in Mobile and Now in Social Media

Here is my blog on the intense patent war: This week Yahoo sued Facebook for violating 10 very foundational patents for social media / online ads.

Last week, a mobile patents proxy of Microsoft sued Apple for patent infringment

Apple and Samsung have patents suits against each other.

Oracle is after google for Java patent violations in Google.

Microsoft is getting paid of about $5 per Android Mobile device sold by HTC

and the list goes on and on…

Patents are becoming core to business strategy for defense, attack as well as to make money.

Thats why, Google bought Motorola Mobility, Microsoft + Apple consoritum bough Novell patents to arm them up..




Now, Microsoft Wins Patent Against Motorola Mobility (Acquired by Google)

Close to the hills of Apple’s patent win againsts HTC (Android) ( about which I blogged yesterday), now Microsoft scored a patent victory against Motorola Mobility which is now part of Google.   As per ITC Judge’s ruling  , Motorola violates four claims in patent number 6,370,566 related to meeting requests and group scheduling. In such event, one has to either backout products violating the patents or pay technology license fees. Microsoft does enter into such agreements however it is interesting to see what would Google do. May be work around the solution?


Cloud Based Services Outages Becoming An Issue

Last week was a bad week for Microsoft and Google Cloud apps. Microsoft’s online services infrastructure experienced outage affecting some customers in North America online. It caused interruptions in Office 365 and various Windows Live services for a few hours. Coincidently on the same day, Google’s cloud productivity service, Google Docs, went offline for some time.

Google on the outages: The [Google Docs] outage was caused by a change designed to improve real time collaboration within the document list,Unfortunately this change exposed a memory management bug which was only evident under heavy usage … We have assembled a list of steps which will both reduce the chance of a future event, decrease the time required to notice and resolve a problem, and limit the scope which any single problem can affect.

Microsoft on the outage: Microsoft became aware of a Domain Name Service (DNS) problem causing service degradation for multiple cloud-based services, A tool that helps balance network traffic was being updated, and for a currently unknown reason, the update did not work correctly. As a result, the configuration was corrupted, which caused service disruption. We are continuing to review the incident.

Amazon: Few months back, Amazon had faced similar outages. In the second week of Aug, Amazon EC2 and RDS outage had impacted Netflix. In the month of April, Amazon had hit with serious outages for which Amazon had to apologize.

Solution? so far, the outages are low and quickly addressed. so, this outages are an issue that is being discussed but so far not adversely affecting adaption of cloud . However, it does raise a need to come up with a solution to mitigate such risk. Standardizations of cloud platform and having a standby on private cloud or secondary provider could be possible solution.

Bill Gates on latest technologies and Microsoft

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After a long time I am seeing Bill talking on technology. Though he is still chairman of Microsoft, he is more focussed on running his non-profit organization to help sick and needy people all over the world.

In this interview Bill Gates repeatedly makes a point that the world is realizing the importance of software and the mobile’s success is actually due to the Software. It’s funny, and he may be right, that he laughed when the interviewed commented that Apple stock and valuation is dwarfing Microsoft. Per Bill, the stock prices go up and down but what is important is the tech asset it has. He did acknowledge the great work that Apple, Google and Microsoft are doing in terms of innovation in delivering fascinating technologies. Finally, it seems to be an agreement that the world is moving more towards tablets and mobile devices than desktop PCs.

Now That Microsoft Sued Google, Which Is the New Evil Empire?

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Ever since I landed in the Silicon valley in 1993, I always read about aggessive tactics that Microsoft followed which were unfair to its competitors. There always have been anti-trust / abuse of dominance related cases against Microsoft. It is common observation that dominance and power result into bullying. So, in other words, the empire which is blamed for bullying is the most powerful and (may be ) is an evil empire. As an example, Microsoft had been sued by N-number of times in the browser wars.

Now that Microsoft complained about Google against its  unfair bullying practices in European Union, the table seems to be reversed. Can we now affirmatively say that power shifted to google? may be, But how long there will be a dominance by a single player? Unlike, the previous ‘near-to’ monopoly by Microsoft, the current scenario is not much polarized as it seems to be. Apple has overtaken Microsoft to become the largest technology company. Google dominates the information world and ad-revenues. But Facebook has overtaken google in-terms of the number of users spending time on the site. Each one of them would be blamed for bullying. However, it is good to have the healthy competition.