Nebula, RightScale and Scalr from their pitches at CloudCamp

Yesterday, at Cloud Camp, I had an opportunities to hear pitches from Nebula, RightScale and Scalr.

Scalr’s young CEO Sebastin positioned Scalr for Auto Scaling, Recovery and Server management for Apps. In a lively 5 mins pitch, he covered how Sclar concentrates on Apps management and does the seamless recovery and auto scaling.

Sean Chuo from RightScale focused on RightScale positioning as a layer between Apps and lower level infrastructure like server, storage etc. With its templates, RightScale is a great tool for implementing your own cloud.

Most interesting presentation was from Nebula’s Chris Kemp. He covered the history of Nebula project at NASA and how it helped to tame down 7B huge investment with cloud infrastructure where scientists can use computing on demand and quickly by reducing. Since he is out of NASA now, he told how some senators refused this optimization in fear of loosing jobs. However, how this project got support from Vivek Kundra and then how President Obama’s trasparent government project was on cloud where Mr. President himself was a consumer! He had a picture showing President Obama using the site. BTW Nebula project is one of the key contributions in OpenStack.


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