The World’s Cheapest Tablet Launched in India

IIT Rajashtan and other institions in India developed and launched the world supposed to be cheapest tablet “Aakash” (Sky in Sanskrit) at around $50

1. 7-inch touchscreen
2. OS : Android 2.2
3. HD video co-processor for good multimedia experience
4. Wi-Fi connectivity and has support for optional 3G modems.
5.Two full-size USB ports are integrated into the unit.
This table was distributed to college students by Government of India .
The production of this table is done at  Hyderabad based facility of Datawind.
so, India has done it. Can students in US too get cheap tablets? If not $35, $50? $100?
Sometime back I saw tablets by Koby, a chinese manufacturer, at around $140-150 at Fry’s electronics. Last month when HP emptied its inventory of TouchPad at $99 there was a huge reponse. May be $100 is the magic number. I predict Tablets would be the maximum sold  gadget in this holiday season.

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