Google Launches Its First Google Store Chrome Zone

Google launched its first Google “Retail” store!

It is not where we could have expected ! Its not in the Silicon Valley where Google and Apple are. Its not in New York. But it is in London UK.

The launch itself is a very quiet launch!  No major hoopla, dance, music! CEO or key execs launching it and waking a game changer announcement.

In this Chrome Zone, one can tryout Google’s Chrome for now. May be other devices would be added later.

As per London’s Evening Standard, Arvind Desikan, Google UK’s head of consumer marketing at Google UK said: “People will be able to go in and have a play with the devices. We want to see whether people understand what this device is all about and monitor their reaction when they try it out,” Desikan is quoted in London’s Evening Standard as saying.

It seems that the current focus is on Chrome. May be to give much needed boost to the lackluster uptake of Chrome. According to Mr. Desikan, the company had “found anecdotally that when people tried the [Chromebook] and played with it, that made a huge difference to their understanding of what the Chromebook is all about”.

Is Google following the foot steps of Apple with its launch of the first retail Google store ? May be it is just experimenting. At least not doing what and how Apple did with its retail stores all over US and other countries. Remember that Apple launched one of the biggest store in China last year (Jul 2010).

Here is a pic of the huge lines outside the Apple Store:


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