Oracle Goes BigWay in Big Data Analytics, NoSQL and Hadoop

In his keynote at Oracle Open World 2011, Mark Hurd announced new Exalytics analytics appliance that is geared to execute OLAP and MOLAP. It is for online application processing or multi-dimensional online application processing, for deriving business intelligence. Cloud, Big data are among the key themese on this year’s Oracle Open World. Oracle’s Co-president Safra Katz declared, “We are big data. We are also the cloud.”. The push on Cloud is much more significant on the background of last year’s statement by Larry first ridiculing the usage of term Cloud and then claming that Oracle is already providing cloud. But this year is the real delivery of Cloud BI, Cloud based Apps, etc. Fitting in its vision of e2e in a box, in addition to Exadata and Exalytics, Oracle announced Big Data Appliance. The Oracle Big Data Appliance integrated Apache Hadoop, Open Source R, Oracle’s NoSQL Database, ODI adapter for Hadoop and Oracle Loader for Hadoop on Linux and Oracle Java VM in a Big Box. This combination provides a good for big data processing of unstructured / strucutred data. For more on Big Data Appliance:

With the advent of NoSQL database and MapReduce infrastructures, I already thought that Oracle cannot be left behind in the latest NoSQL train. Hadoop is gaining significant traction in batch oriented applications like unstrucutred data processing, Warehousing, etc. Hadoop provides a way to distribute data and processing logic on nodes in server cluster. It takes the processing logic close to the data. Hadoop, originated from Yahoo, is based on Map Reduce architecture introduced by Google. Anyway, I predict that usage of Hadoop in Oracle stack would go adding it in Big Data Appliance . Oracle may do some acquisition in the same.


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