HTML5 Winning High Volume Websites

As expected HTML5 is gaining momentum over Flash, Silverlight and others. Apple vs Adobe war gave a much publicity to HTML5. However, since the older versions of browsers like IE6 etc do not support HTML5, the adaption has been slower on the web. But, since most of the mobile devices support latest browsers with better HTML5 compayability,  HTML5 provides better choice for mobile computing. It has a better future on web too. I expect that 2012 would be much better and by then, 80% of the users would have browsers that can support most of the commonly used HTML5 features. More sites realizing this and starting to move on HTML5. The SlideShare spent last six months of engineering time in converting the site to HTML5.

With the move to HTML5, SlideShare expects:

  • SlideShare would be supported on an iPhone, iPad, Android and any other mobile platform. Apple wins over here.
  • Slides loading will be 30% faster. Consumer wins here.
  • No plugin (read Flash) required
For SlideShare, it would take less CPU cycles of server and the content would be searchable by search engines.
Facebook’s newly announced Timeline too uses HTML5 features.
Anyway I am still contemplating whether to use HTML5 now or next year for web. For enterprise consumers, IT departments can enforce the employees to upgrade. But sites open for all consumers, still need to consider the experience for consumers using older browsers.

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