Computer Manufacturers Rushing To Provide Clouds

After years of delay after Amazon pioneered a cloud market, there is a stampade now. One after another hardware manufacturers are setting up software, infrastructure, as well as services to tap into the cloud market. HP launched a private beta program  for public / private cloud.  According to HP Cloud Blog, HP Cloud Compute allows you to deploy secure, reliable compute instances on-demand to dynamically adjust the computing capacity . HP Cloud platform also comes up with a Cloud Object storage ideal for archival and back up, serving static content for web applications, and storage of large public or private data sets, such as online files and media. Underneath this HP Cloud is  OpenStack on top of which HP provides a web-based User Interface (UI) along with open, RESTful APIs.

Last week at VMWorld, Dell announced TheDellCloud for public / private / Hybrid cloud platform based on VMware vCloud Datacenter Services . This is as a result of Dell’s   $1billion dollar investment to cloud computing earlier this year. In last few years, Dell has been doing such strategic investments to diversify from its traditional PC business. It is inline with what others doing. IBM disinvested from  its PC computing by selling to Lenovo.

The story of PC vendor rushing into the Cloud does not end in US only. Recently, July 2011, Accer, the leader in NetBooks, paid $320 million US firm iGware providing Cloud platform software and infrastructure tools for customers like for Japanese Nintendo . With this acquisition Accer is targetting cloud market in China and Taiwan. Within a month from this announcement, a couple of weeks back on Aug 28, 2011, the news about Accer unveiling its 1st Cloud-based solution ‘Accer Cloud Enabler’ in China flashed in Chinese media. Intel is providing advise on the cloud to Accer. Intel is also heavily investing into Chinese Cloud market via investing in Chinese companies.

Intel has been focusing on Cloud for a while. Back in the month of May 2011, Intel announced its announced AppUp, a subscription-based “hybrid” cloud computing model designed especially for small businesses. The AppUp addresses concenrs about data security by allowing SMBs to keep their data onsite without having to ante up for server hardware or software. AppUp a server reference architecture called the Intel Hybrid Cloud Platform, a catalog of applications that small businesses can subscribe to, and a software platform that provides management and tracking of the applications’ usage.

In summary, Intel, HP, Dell, Accer, etc. all these PC hardware makers are now making moves to Cloud.




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