Perception Gap in Why Customers Interact with Companies on Social Media

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As we all know that social media is no more just a fun for businesses. They are seriously getting engaged in social media by doing various things like Facebook fan pages, Twitter, forums, blogs, etc. Social Commerce and Social CRM are important new intiatives in businesses. The customers are also acrtively getting engaged in such interactions. So it is very important to understand why interactions are happening so that the interactions can be properly handled. There are various purposes that customers interact with business on social media.

IBM Institutte for Business Value Analysis recently published a summary paper of survey of CRM on Social media. One of the important finding in the paper was about a perception gap between how the companies, who create fan pages or engage in social media intitives, think about what could be customers value to different aspects of the interaction vs how the customer really think about them.

Here is what they found:

You can notice a gap between how consumers rank vs business rank. Discounts (Deals, offers), purchases, getting product information, reviews, ranking etc top the consumers list. While learning new products, getting information, feeling connected, customer service, to be part of community were ranked higher by the businesses. The businesses gave more than needed importance to feeling connected, being a part of community. At the same time, they missed that consumers give more importances to purchases and discounts. So there are good opportunities for SocialCommerce!


Search Engines Coming together for Structuring the web

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As a surprising and much needed move Google, Bing and Yahoo coming together to launch for having a consistent structure for various sites. Since these three(or two?) big search vendors coming together for this, chances of getting traction are very high. Essentially it is win-win. This  would help serch engine for better searching deeply the content sites . Thus enabling  them to do “Deep Search” vs traiditional shallow search. With RDF it can lay a foundation for semantic web.

Here is a detailed announcement from Google :

BTW another nice effort is an opensource for browser to browser communication. It is very early stage but it would be useful not just for browser based ChromeOS but for many innovative applications.