Hadoop Affiliations and Partnership Are Coming Up

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Its truely an erra of collaboration. There is no time to build products. Either acquire or partner. Thats the way to quickly get in market. Likewise, EMC is moving very very fast on getting on Hadoop train. A couple of months back it affiliated with Cloudera. However, a couple of weeks back, it made other announcements in EMCWorld. Now, it has entered into licensing agreement with MapR. It seems that MapR would be powering EMC’s Hadoop efforts. Here is what MapR stack looks like.

It seems that Hadoop is bringing many folks to come together to quickly team up to build ecosystem. Yesterday Cloudera, leader in Hadoop products and services, yesterday partnered with RainStor. (http://www.marketwire.com/press-release/rainstor-delivers-big-data-retention-on-clouderas-distribution-including-apache-hadoop-1518189.htm)  RainStor claims compression resulting in 97% percentage smaller physical footprint. The RainStor is in Data Retention and would provide  access massive data sets on the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) .

Here is Cloudera’s stack which includes :

anyway, coming back to the momemtum. It seems that many such partnerships coming up. and many may come by the time we meet at Hadoop Summit orgainzed by mainly Yahoo next month. By then, I hope Yahoo would work out details on spinning off Hadoop before it is too late 🙂


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