Forrester Research’s Technographics Profiles

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Forrester research developed a concept of technographics profiles of people using Social media technologies. This concept for categorization of Social Media users was eloborated by Charlen Li and JOsh in their book,  Groundswell, as well. Forrester research has developed a tool for capturing such profiles of consumers of a business. Here is a nice presentation on this technograohics ladder presented by Josh Bernoff and Jacqueline Anderson.

It defines the people as:

Creators: Write blogs, or upload videos etc.

Conversationalists: Express opinions on twitter

Critics: Comment on others content in terms of review sites or leave comments

Collectors: Aggregates or organizes contents like diggs / topix

Joiners: Connect in social networks

Spectators: Read blogs, watch videos, listen music uploaded by others

Inactives: None of above:-)

Understanding of consumers profile with this perspective is important to decide how to monitor and engage them.


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