Yahoo Spinning off Hadoop Development to Ride on Hadoop Wave

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Accoring WSJ report, , yahoo is considering to spin off Hadoop Development as a separate company like Cloudera. This would help in ridding on the wave of Hadoop. Yahoo has a significant work in Hadoop. Hadoop is an Apache opensource project based on Map-Reduce concept first introduced by Google. Hadoop is increasingly popularly in big data analytics to provide scalability especially using commodity hardware platforms. This Map Reduced based platforms like Hadoop,  Cassendra, CouchDB, MongoDB are increasingly getting popular especially in social site and web2.0 where the volume of data is huge.

Yahoo has been one of the core contributors of Hadoop. It has contributed from the begining and still committed a large team to Hadoop development. It also developed additional layers like Pig to enable data warehousing / business analytics apps to leverage Hadoop. I believe Yahoo uses Hadoop extensivly in its content minning, emails etc.

Still, why does Yahoo wants to spin-off? Definitely for taking advantage of the Hadoop’s commercial potential. There are startups like Cloudera are floated around the Hadoop ecosystem. As per analysts there is a multi-billion dollar market based on Hadoop ecosystem. By spinning off a separate company, yahoo can monetize on the market without getting distracted to its main business. For the customers, it is better to have a company with a backing from Yahoo. Such company can focus on delivering specialized solutions around Hadoop. Having said it, I am not yet sure whether this rumored company will also focus on training and services or not. In any case, this move would help in further maturing Hadopp ecosystem.


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