Harry Potter magic in action : Smoothly transform an image into a video

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Do you want to get experience of Harry Potter movie? Aurasma from Autonomy has something to show..

Thanks to Larry Magid for bringing this cool app to our notice via Huff post.

While it looks cool, it is not a great tech evolution in my mind. It is an innovative combination of image matching and user driven correlation of images to videos. One can tag an image and link to a video and , then any one pointing to the same image can see the magic transforming the image into the corresponding video. I am yet to have access of this to evaluate further and comment with a proper knowledge. The next step in this innovation would be if there is an automatic correlation of image to video. It would require an image to be matched with any / some video frames and then correlated without a need of tagging user.

However, even without this automatic correlation of an image to a video, the app is still a good application, especially in today’s Web2.0 world, there is an upsurge in crowd contribution in content. WikiPedia, various review sites, rating sites etc. depend on the average web user becoming a content contributor. So, if a large number of users do this tagging, this Application can find a great success. And today’s world of virality, if it catches the crowd imagination, we should see a great success story. And I would have my own contribution to it by triggering some virality via this blog entry 🙂


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