Social Media Is Your Job. then Understand it and do it Better

In Today’s Huffington Post, James Kotecki, advised to take control of your social media presence using Facebook, Twitter etc. He is right in suggesting people giving folks advise against using “so-called” social media gurus by prescribing : “Don’t hire a consultant to post your Facebook updates. Don’t outsource your tweets. Social media is not advertising. It’s not marketing. It’s not PR.”. However, advising simply to start tweeting/ updates on Social media, is improper.

One needs to keep the end-game in mind. Who is the target? what is the goal? Are you doing it for egaging the consumers or spreading out your message ? Since the social media is both of listening as well as for talking, it is important to allocate adequate time.

The beauty of social media is you can be on your own. For finding out your own voice, you may not need an editor. so , Instead of mimicing or getting “trained”, I would say start expressing in your own words and based on your own experience and knowledge. Of course, not everyones expressions would be popular. So, there is a risk of not getting an adequate traction. That’s when you would need a help. May be you can start getting opinion from spouse,  friend? if the topic that you deal with would not be comprehensible by those, then may be try a collegaue or a tech writer for tech topic and marketing person for business topics. If stakes are higher then get a professional help.

Start your social media interactions, listen to the readers, improve (if needed get help) but do it and do it better. It would improve only when you start it and keep on doing it…


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