Now That Microsoft Sued Google, Which Is the New Evil Empire?

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Ever since I landed in the Silicon valley in 1993, I always read about aggessive tactics that Microsoft followed which were unfair to its competitors. There always have been anti-trust / abuse of dominance related cases against Microsoft. It is common observation that dominance and power result into bullying. So, in other words, the empire which is blamed for bullying is the most powerful and (may be ) is an evil empire. As an example, Microsoft had been sued by N-number of times in the browser wars.

Now that Microsoft complained about Google against its  unfair bullying practices in European Union, the table seems to be reversed. Can we now affirmatively say that power shifted to google? may be, But how long there will be a dominance by a single player? Unlike, the previous ‘near-to’ monopoly by Microsoft, the current scenario is not much polarized as it seems to be. Apple has overtaken Microsoft to become the largest technology company. Google dominates the information world and ad-revenues. But Facebook has overtaken google in-terms of the number of users spending time on the site. Each one of them would be blamed for bullying. However, it is good to have the healthy competition.


One thought on “Now That Microsoft Sued Google, Which Is the New Evil Empire?

  1. Very true, this pattern is similar to Karma if one believe in it. Google kept calling msft the “evil” empire and the table have now turned indeed. Google used to poch talent from Msft and now facebook does the same thing for Google! Am sure one day there will be another company (say twitter/groupon) that will do the same for facebook 🙂

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