Startup Bootcamp was very succesful

The Startup Bootcamp organized by us (GITPRO on 26th March in the bay area was very successful. Since it was being arranged in a short time of less than a month, I was bit concerned about attendance. Especially because this was our first program exclusively focused on startups. But it turned out to be a successful program that was overwhelmingly attended. The attendance was 100+ (sorry for bit inconvenience for the last dozen of attendees who had seats way back).

Since I am going through my startup experience once again, I was convinced that there is a need to have a guidance from successful entrepreneurs and experts who have done it. The program had topics that are relevant to all early stage startups! For example, “Lessons learnt in starting and selling a startup” (Shan Sinha, founded Docverse and sold to Google in May 2010), “Building Product and team with Startup DNA” (Edwin Khodabakchin, serial entrepreneur, first sold to Netscape, next – Collaxa to Oracle and now working on Feedly), “Raising Funds from Angels and VCs (Kamal Gunsagar- TIE Angels and Ash Dhar from Horizon Ventures, Paul Gulati – Khosha Group),”Moon-lighting to Merger&Acquisition” (Inderpreet Sawhney- The Chugh Firm), Viral mareting ( but it became as Virality with Roohit  by Rohit ).

We got very positive feedback on this session. I am now thinking what could be the next for this “Startup” track in GITPRO? We do not want to be repeating what TIE does, but we need to do distinctly what the early stage startups really need. Any ideas? Send email or add  comments..


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