Users Need Recommendations and not Keyword based links

Yesterday (March 13th), Chris O’brien wrote an important column on “Race On the best Search Engine” in SJMN . In the article he noted that “we do not just want a set f links when we do a search – we want an answer or a solution”. That is precisely myBantu’s recommendations are for. Traditional index / keywords based search does the best job in quickly giving hundreds of pages matching search keywords. However, such engines shift burden of cutting the clutter to finding the answer to the searcher. O’brien quoted Roger McNamee, from Elevation Partners, as, ‘”we are seeing the peaking and declining of Indexed search”. In the examples, O’brien mentioned users on mobile use specific apps like ‘Urbon-Spoon’ etc for specific searches. However, there are so many needs user have, is it practical to have many applications for all of them to be loaded and keep on switching context between them. That’s where myBantu’s integrated approach make sense. myBantu apps though currently focused on entertainment, travel and shopping, its capable of extending to provide personalized relevant recommendations to all sorts of needs.


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