Ray Ozzie’s Vision While Departing Microsoft

Ray Ozzie wrote a nice blog Dawn of a New Day which is not only his memoir of his stay at Microsoft but also his vision for the future. While many can see his influence in Microsoft’s proress in Cloud Computing and Mobile computing by getting Azure and Windows 7 for mobile out, I was particularly interested in vision for the future. His vision can be summarized as ” Continuous services and connected devices”. In other words, the worlds of Cloud based services and wirelessly connected mobile devices would domaninate the near future . He further mentioned “Service-connected devices going far beyond just the ‘screen, keyboard and mouse’:  humanly-natural ‘conscious’ devices that’ll see, recognize, hear & listen to you and what’s around you, that’ll feel your touch and gestures and movement, that’ll detect your proximity to others; that’ll sense your location, direction, altitude, temperature, heartbeat & health.”   Coincidencely I heard almost all this scenario in a lecture that  this I came across this morning. It was ” The New World of Wireless” by Scott Snyder delivered for Wharton School of Management.  Anyway, as in Holy Veda’s “Ekam Sat Vipra Bahuda Vadanti”….


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