China May Lead Patenting, How About Innovation?

In an article, published in Economix, based on a study conducted by Thomson Reuters, the author David barboz summarized that “China Poised to Lead World in Patent Filings”

2009 Patent filings:   US 321,741   Japan: 357,338 and China: 279,298

With extrapolating the growth of Chinese fillings, one can assume that China would very soon cross Japan in the patent filings.

However, Rob Preston in his blog article published on Information Week quoted Vivek , a well known Indian researcher at Duke, Harvard Law School, and UC Berkeley as “China is currently excelling in imitation, not innovation”. Vivek warns that high quantity does not mean the good quality. He further boldly states, ” The “vast majority” of those patents and scientific papers in China “aren’t worth the paper they are printed on,”


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