Sharing too much information on social networking?

This decade is a decade of Social Networking.  Most of my friends have hundreds on contacts on LinkedIn, Facebook, and few more additional sites like MySpace, Orkut (mostly India). Personal and social pictures are loaded on flickr and vidoes  are loaded on youtubes. With celebrities started tweeting, I see folks following in hundreds like ships. Now that yahoo added updates, whenever I log on to Yahoo I see more updates from others. Additionally folks started ‘checkin’ in . I came across another startup which exposes your credit card transactions to your friends, for whatever the reason!

This also cause a too much exposure of information. Your hiring manager can collect more information about you online without even talking with you.  Same with if anyone stalking or having any animosity.

Here is view of how Facebook default policy changed
Facebook default privacy Policy(src: SJ Mercury News) Original link

Source SJ Mercury News
Facebook Default privacy (Source: SJ Mercurynews)

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