Year 2010, Google would unleash the next wave of smart devices

It seems that Google is algining itself with a series of great offerings that would unleash a wave of not only smart phones but also smart devices. Both Google Android as well as Chrome have their own charms. As per a story published in VentureBeat Admob‘s , Google’s Android serves one in four ad impressions. This shows that Android is picking up a momentum. With Motorola Droid and other phones lined up with Android, the momentum to take a pace. Moreover, Apps on Android would also give a boost to Android and a tough competition to iPhone. According to TechCrunch Google’s smart phone is being tested interanlly and it is being given to few of its employees. One can predict that we would see Google phone in 2010 hitting the market. Most importantly Google would unlock the phone and it would not be bound to a wireless career. And many like me would prefer the same.

Many other vendors are launching Android based home communication devices. The open SDK of Android is empowering many developers and entrepreneurs to show their creativity in action.

Finally, this week, a news about a possible launch of Google Tablet is in circulation. All these, would certainly unleash a new wave of smart devices in 2010.


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