Information Week article related to Google Chrome OS

A nice article:

Some excerpts:

1. “Among the technologies being brought to bear by Google to meld Web apps and PC performance are HTML 5, the WebKit browser engine, the V8 JavaScript engine, and Native Client, Google’s nascent open source technology for running native code (code written for a specific hardware platform) in Web apps.”

2. “Google describes Chrome OS as an extension of the Chrome browser, not vice versa.”

3. Benefits: the benefits of combining desktop CPUs and Web apps. They include “safer” multimedia codecs; real-time audio and video synthesis and physics simulations; local audio/video analysis and recognition; multimedia editors; high-throughput cryptography; and app-specific data compression. Native code has “about two orders of magnitude” more capabilities than JavaScript in a browser

4. Comments from the analyst: “Chrome OS is only half-baked. (Windows Azure is, too.)”   🙂


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